Integrated Estate Planning – About Us

As your wealth increases over time, proper financial planning, retirement planning and estate planning become increasingly important. At Integrated Estate Planning, we help you by examining your financial affairs in an holistic manner.

We firmly believe that personal consultations are essential to provide an integrated approach to your financial planning and estate planning.

How Do We Approach Financial Planning and Estate Planning?

In essence we do the following for our clients:

  • Look to see if your Financial Affairs should be structured around the use of a Trust or a number of Trusts for all the reasons mentioned under the Benefits of a Trust.
  • We make sure that the Tax structures that are set up are correct and work in line with your objectives as well as making sure they comply with the law
  • A full Liquidity Analysis is done in order to make sure that there is sufficient Liquidity/Cash in your Estate in order to pay of all Liabilities on your death as well as to create the required income that you would like your family to live on. This is a 20 page report looking at your Life, Lump Sum Disability and Dread Disease Cover as well as your Income Protection Cover. It also looks at the amount of Estate Duty and Capital Gains Tax you would have to pay on death as well as your Retirement Planning.
  • We teach Clients how to use their Trust by giving them a Trust Education File/Instruction Manual on the Trust/s. This is given in Hard Copy and Electronic format and is specific to each Trust.
  • Clients have access to Mark Fuhr CFP 24/7 in order to obtain professional advice on Trusts, Estate and Financial Planning.

The reasons we do all the above are as follows:

An Attorney will form a Trust for you, however in 99% of the cases they will not get involved in your Tax restructuring or have a look at what Liquidity there is in your Estate.

An Accountant normally only looks at your affairs from a Tax point of view. They generally do not look at what Liquidity/Cash there is in your Estate in order to underpin your Financial Objectives or look at restructuring your affairs from a Legal point of view.

The Financial Planner generally only looks at what Liquidity there is in your Estate to pay for your Death Bed Expenses and to create sufficient income for your family but generally does not get involved in restructuring your affairs from a Legal or Tax point of view.

At Integrated Estate Planning all the above is done simultaneously to provide you with what we call “Total Estate Planning” and this is what makes us different.

Who is Mark Fuhr?

Mark Fuhr

Mark Fuhr

Mark Fuhr has been involved in Financial and Estate Planning since October 1981 – 30 years. He is a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) and has passed the Post Graduate qualification in Estate Planning. He is a Fellow of the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa as well as a member of the Financial Intermediaries Association.

He is a 23 year member of the International Million Dollar Round Table having become the youngest Life and Qualifying Member of MDRT in South Africa and the 5th youngest in the world. He is also a 15 year qualifier of the International Quality Award. Mark was a consultant for Sage Life/Momentum for 25 years having been their top consultant on two separate occasions and was amongst their top 10 consultants for 18 years.

Mark’s main business function is to assist clients with their Estate Planning where he not only looks at a person’s entire Estate Planning but shows people why it is so important to run their affairs via a Trust and to create sufficient Liquidity in their Estate in order to underpin their Estate Planning.

Mark has specialized in the formation of Trusts and Estate Planning for over 16 years now, becoming the country’s only Estate Planners to simultaneously form your Trust/s, Redo your Will to Dovetail your Trust/s, Move your Personal Assets into your Trust/s through agreements of Sales and Donations, To analyze how much liquidity you have to pay of all Liabilities and to create sufficient income for you and your family on your Death, Severe Illness or Disability and to teach you how to use your Trust.

Mark creates liquidity in one’s estate through the use of Life Assurance where he is a broker representing Liberty Life, Momentum, Altrisk and Discovery Life where he places the majority of his clients.

Mark is an experienced speaker, speaking both to the Financial Planning Industry and as a guest speaker at public events. Mark is on the board of governors of The Zurich Club Communiqué a leading international Financial Publication.

Mark was voted by Personal Finance of the Saturday Star and the Financial Planning Institute as one of South Africa’s top 10 Financial and Estate Planners in South Africa in 2001.