I Have A Trust But Do Not Know How To Use It

Many people have Trusts but do not use them correctly simply because they do not know how to use the Trust.

At Integrated Estate Planning we provide an Instruction Manual on how to use your Trust. It is a manual that is unique to your specific Trust. In other words the Manual is designed around your own personal Trust.

The Manual shows you how to Open Bank Accounts, Change Trustees, Purchase and Sell Assets, Donate assets to the Trust as well as how to sell assets to and from the trust.

It also teaches you how to write out Resolutions with specimen resolutions for you to use.

e.g. if you wanted to open a Banking account the instruction Manual would give you detailed instruction on how to open the Bank Account.

It would tell you what documentation to take to the Bank as well as give you the Resolution specific to your Trust on opening a Bank Account.

Thus when you went to the Bank you would have all the required documents and the Resolution for the bank. This saves you time in that you only have to go to the bank once with you having everything the bank needs to open the account.

The Instruction Manual is provided in Hard Copy format as well as in Electronic format

Mark Fuhr

Mark Fuhr

For information on how to obtain your own Trust Instruction Manual and the costs please contact Mark Fuhr on 011 026 5463 or by filling in the contact form.