How To Protect The Financial Legacy You Leave To Your Family

One of the concerns you may have on your death is the protection of your Estate for the benefit of your Beneficiaries.

In order to achieve this you may form a Testamentary Trust in terms of your Will or form an Inter Vivos Trust while you are alive.

The benefits of both Trusts is that you would have either an Executor/Administrator or Trustees looking after the Funds for the Benefit of the Beneficiaries.

Fo example, if you left R20 000 000 in Cash to your Spouse they may be taken advantage of by family members or a future spouse as it is difficult to control the money.

If the R20 000 000 was left to a Trust the Executor/Administrator or Trustees would have far more control over the Funds thus protecting them from people who might otherwise have taken advantage.

There are also all the other Benefits of an Inter Vivos Trust applicable to the beneficiaries.

Mark Fuhr

Mark Fuhr

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